Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Blog's value for Business

At first glance, a blog is really just an online journal that displays a series of posts, displayed in chronological order. These posts are typically written in a conversational, informal tone, and don't contain any overt advertising messages.

So if you sell widgets on the Internet, why the heck do you need a blog? What value is it going to add to your business, aside from being one more thing to put on your "to-do" list?

Here are the two main reasons you need to have a blog as part of your online business:

1. Blogs add personality to your business!

The Internet is an extremely impersonal business medium, and any opportunity you get to give your business some personality will increase your sales.

Fact: People like to buy products from people (not machines!).

If you use a blog to give your business a "voice," your customers will get a better sense of who the guy or gal behind the business really is. That'll help you build a stronger relationship with your customers -- and that will improve your sales!

Just remember: Your blog should not be written in fancy business lingo! It should be extremely conversational and personal.

Your readers should feel as if you're speaking directly to them -- sharing personal stories, useful tidbits of information, your thoughts on new developments in the industry -- whatever your readers will find useful and informative.

Also, your blog posts don't have to be long articles! In fact, you'll be better off if they're not. Most popular bloggers keep their posts to 400-500 words maximum, and many of their posts are often much shorter.

2. Blogs help you get listed in Google quickly!

The 'Net's top search engines love sites that have new, original content being added on a regular basis -- and that means they LOVE blogs.

A properly optimized blog post can show up in Google's top 10 listings in less than 10 days!

Everyone in online business jump on every opportunity they come across to capitalize on free traffic from Google. You should, too. And right now, blog are one of the easiest ways to legitimately explode your free traffic numbers.

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